Creature Macros #2 - Mountain Fort Photography by Adam Montoya
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Ants Marching with Desaturated background 'n gaussian blur - PESO | PDML

I don't know what kind of Ants these are(would love to know). What I used to capture them is this: 28mm Vivitar f2.8 lens (stopped down to f11), about 60mm of cheap eBay extension tube, and a Sigma EF-500 DG Super. The flash was off camera, triggered by some eBay radio triggers and was diffused by some disposable glasses cleaning cloth. The lens was almost scraping the ground. The photo was farther refined in GIMP with imput from members of the PDML mailing list.

Ant28mmextension tubesmacroist DLPentaxAdam MontoyaApril2009New Mexicodesaturatedgaussian blurgimpPESOPDML